There can be several reasons why hair gets thinner as we age. Internal factors, individual health, genetics, and stress levels can all play a role in hair thinning and loss. At Foothills Med Spa, we use PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma) as a treatment to stimulate the production and growth of new hair. We separate the patient's own plasma from their blood and then inject that back into the scalp. Those white blood cells carry with them growth factors that help to stimulate new hair growth, while reducing the fallout of existing hair.

Generally, we see anywhere from a 20-30% increase in the growth of new hair with each treatment. Most treatments are spaced eight weeks apart. Most of the time 3-4 treatment sessions are recommended. Everyone is different and there may be varying degrees of hair loss depending on the patient. A thorough consultation with our esthetician can help determine if you're a candidate and which course of treatment may be best for you.