"I have had a tremendous experience losing weight, age spots and gaining some hair back at Foothills Med Spa! I am a 56 year old male who loves to play tennis, weight lift and travel. The Shape Reclaimed diet was unreal, so easy with real food and I never got dizzy like I have on other diets. I like that it is homeopathic based and the drops really work. I was rarely hungry and cookie, cake, booze, pizza type cravings went away hopefully for good. I lost 70 lbs in 5 months! It has stayed off too. I survived football tailgate parties, Chandlers dinners, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Super Bowl and never looked back. I eat steak, chicken, cottage cheese, fruit, yogurt and crackers. And the weigh-ins and urinalysis really paid off. I didn't even know I had age spots on my face and hands. A few IPL treatments and they have really faded away. It isn't totally painless but I have had more pain at the dentist. I also did dome PRP for my bald spot on the back of my head. Dr. Guy really handled that well and I was comfortable knowing she is a REAL physician handling the injections. My barber said the bald spot is gone and it was with only one treatment. Like I say, they know how to treat a man or a lady!"

- Jeff Caves

"My experiences at Foothills Med Spa are always exceptional! It could be eyelashes, hydrafacials, PRP with microneedling, CoolSculpting or any of the many other offerings that I indulge in, I love my results! The entire staff, Dr. Guy and Sophie are so wonderful to work with and make you feel so comfortable while visiting. Thank you Foothills Med Spa!"

- Pam B.

"I got PRP done at Foothills as I've done micro-needling before for deep acne scarring and saw great improvement. The PRP combined with the micro-needling proved fantastic results just a day after treatment. My skin looked luminous and hydrated- even my husband noticed! Previous micro needling at another spa left me with peeling, scratch type marks on my face for a week. The only PRP down time was the rest of the night! I came back 4 weeks later and my skin still looked just as soft as after the first treatment. I am just amazed at how much the PRP adds to healing, and leaves a beautiful texture to the face-I highly recommend it if you're looking to get faster results with micro needling.Dr. Guy and Sophie are VERY knowledgeable in tailoring treatments to the results you want. This is my new medspa!"

- Ilona T.

"I recently completed a series of microneedling treatments. My motivation was to look as good as possible at my daughter's wedding. At the wedding our hair stylist/makeup artist did makeup for myself (age 69), for my daughter (age 34) & for a bridesmaid (age 17). She had done many makeup applications for weddings, shows & won contests for her beautiful work. Several weeks after the wedding, she told me she had been talking about her experience in doing makeup for 3 generations of women all in one morning. She told me of the 3...I had the best skin in terms of elasticity, firmness & smoothness. What a compliment I thought & completely unsolicited & without her knowing about the microneedling I had done. I share this story to help anyone on the fence about whether to give microneedling a try!"

- Linda P.

"These ladies are professionals. I made an appointment there because I knew I was going to be treated by a physician. Once there, I was advised the best options for the results that I wanted.

I felt understood and well informed. I was very comfortable during the treatment. Although the results are the biggest perk, I am so happy with the way I felt during my visit. I cannot stop taking pictures of myself. I will not go anywhere else!"

- Patty L.